Nissi Water Sports

Οur progress through time…

Nissi Water Sports has its roots back to 1976 where 4 men started a small business with their basic income coming from not more than few canoes, pedal boats made out of steel and water-ski facilities. The passion for sea has lead the company to an expansion three years later where they have increase their services, supplying the business with facilities such as windsurfing hobby cats and sailing boats. With low means of technology and fighting trough stress of weather Nissi Water Sports has always kept the good customer service meeting the needs and demands of their customers. 9 years later Nissi Water Sports introduce first to Cyprus and its tourism the experience of parasailing. Back then the experience of parasailing wasn’t as efficient and simple, with customers having to take off and sprint down a platform floating 200 meters out at sea and landing by the driver’s expertise, accuracy and man power of employees pulling the parasailing rope towards the platform. At present after years of technological advances the parasailing remains one of the most safest and enjoyable Cyprus and tourism attraction.

Facing our customers’ needs and wants on 1987 speed came to kick in and stay with the first jet skis introduce starting from 650 cc. Till this day Nissi Water Sports have been updating their products every year, offering to our customers the latest and safest peace of technology. Getting stronger year after year the company was officially trademark 1991 and remains today as a member of the Cyprus watersports association and market leaders of water sports in Cyprus with an experience crew ready to provide to each and every one your holiday fun. So enjoy the sea, enjoy the sun and enjoy Nissi Water Sports.

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